How to Get Out of a Rut

When I was a kid, the fire swamp scene in The Princess Bride scared me half-to-death–especially when Princess Buttercup falls into the Quicksand. It was an invisible death trap. Not to mention the R-O-U-S’s!

With quicksand, the harder you struggle, the more impossible it is to escape. As an adult, the experience of “being stuck” emotionally is just as frightening. Emotional quicksand is a reality for all-too-many people. Continue reading “How to Get Out of a Rut”


A Tip for Dealing with a Diabolical Teen

Diabolical may be a little harsh.  Then again, after the fiery furnace of disregard for the rules, suspensions, and the absolute brink of patience teens can bring parents to… it may not be after all!  Continue reading “A Tip for Dealing with a Diabolical Teen”

Is This Your Fast Food in the Closet?

The arguments couple’s have are fascinating—sometimes flat-out funny!  However, there’s usually more to the story.  With permission to share it, this is one of my favorites from a couple in the Salt Lake City, Utah area: Continue reading “Is This Your Fast Food in the Closet?”