Recommended Reading

Whether a client wants something to focus on after a therapy session, or a nervous parent wants to know what “normal” behavior is for their child, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: “what book would you recommend?”

Fortunately, I am almost always researching some therapy topic, so I have a large collection of materials to draw from. I have found that reading gives us insight and expands our perspectives.  A good book can be a tremendous support—at times, life-changing.  It’s often just a matter of finding the right resource. However, it isn’t always just books that I recommend.  Sometimes attending a training or seminar, watching a movie, reading a poem, practicing a relaxation technique, developing a change in nutrition and exercise, listening to a Ted Talk, researching an article, or even writing down your own thoughts, can be very therapeutic.

Maybe I should have titled this section “Recommended Reading, Viewing, Listening, and Doing!”  I just didn’t think it would be concise enough for the Menu.


Couples Therapy




Family Therapy


Sports Psychology






Play Therapy/Children’s Books

book of virtues


Faith Crisis/Religion


Brain Functioning/Science













Self Help Worth Reading


Daring Greatly
Daring Greatly: Brene Brown