A Memoir from a Returned LDS Missionary

With a desire (and permission) to share their story, here is an insightful, well-written, and emotional memoir of a returned LDS missionary.  Any identifying details have been changed or omitted and any resemblance of thoughts or information relating to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.

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The Hope of Every Good Therapist

I first came across this poem by Emily Dickinson while studying literature at Brigham Young University.  As with most of her poetry, I enjoy the apparent simplicity and depth of emotion that accompanies her words.  The poem feels like an anthem for helping professionals, as it describes the primary desire of those who enter the field: Continue reading “The Hope of Every Good Therapist”

The Unexpected Road of Trials for Returning LDS Missionaries

Returning Home:  The Unexpected Road of Trials for Returned Missionaries

Returning home may be the hardest part of an LDS missionary’s experience.  It can be more difficult than leaving. Continue reading “The Unexpected Road of Trials for Returning LDS Missionaries”