The Heroic Client

Professional Pictures 2015 021“The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure That You Seek.”

-–Joseph Campbell

I have always been drawn to and fascinated by a good quote, an inspirational story, captivating literature, uplifting cinema, and even a well-timed punch-line.  They can have a subtle, or even strong impact on people’s lives.  Maybe that’s part of what attracted me to become a therapist.  The experiences from a therapy office are just as (if not more so) moving, motivating, and powerful.  They are extremely real and personal.

There are so many parallels and similarities between the heroes in our favorite stories and the clients that I meet with.  Whether it is talking about individual stress from sports to relationship conflict in marriages and families, it takes courage to share personal experiences.  It is an honor that people share their stories and parts of their lives with me.  Together, we experience the enriching process of understanding.

Like most therapists, I also spend a lot of time outside of therapy sessions studying and reading what can be helpful to clients.  I want to share what I have found interesting and helpful from research articles, books, literature, film, current events, some of my own experiences, and the therapy office itself (in a confidential manner, of course).  In essence, I am in a continual search for what is therapeutic and helpful.  I am curious about what is beneficial for people.

What stands out most to me in therapy is the inner strength clients display.  They show an inordinate desire to confront their inner dragons and show their ability to slay them.  It is truly remarkable to see the resilience and fight in people.  They are able to rewrite their difficult stories and transform them (and themselves) into what they would like to become.  Like the heroes we hear about in times past, or the ones we revere currently, I see individuals, couples, and families overcome extremely difficult challenges and find deeper meaning and purpose in their life through them.  It truly is remarkable and a generally unseen form of heroism.  That is why I, with admiration, collectively call the people I meet with The Heroic Client.